Our Houses


Houses at Freds Beds

We have houses ranging from 2 person (8 x 16) all the way up to huge 8 person (12 x 28).  We can handle any sized group big or small.  Houses are maintained every year and are all in great shape.


Houses include:

Comfortable padded twin sized bunks, indoor biffy, lots of fishing space, propane lights, propane two burner cook tops, propane thermostatic gravity vented heaters, generator hookups (including lights and outlets), 24" tv/dvd, 8" fans for air movement, table and chairs for all guests, and storage shelving.

Houses are cleaned and moved after every group - NO EXCEPTIONS!

8 Person (12x28)

6 Person (12x24)

5 Person (12x24)

4 Person (12x24)

4 Person (10x20) x6

5 Person (10x24)

3 Person (10x16) x3

6 Person (10x20) x4

2 Person Deluxe Couples House (9x18)